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Green Tea Soft Serve!!!!  I can’t find it many places, so when I do I have no choice but to get a cone and enjoy every last bite!

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The Start of a New Tradition

Growing up my sister and I had several advent calendars that we started opening up on December first.  It was always very exciting because it meant the start of the Christmas season.  Something to hold us over during the countdown to the best day of the year.  We sometimes had the cardboard advent calendars with the chocolate inside, which was super great because we got a piece of chocolate every night (even if it did taste more like wax – that didn’t matter because it was chocolate!).  We also had two staple advent calendars that came out every year.  One with little figurines wrapped up in tissue paper and tied to a cloth background.  In the middle was a Christmas tree that we stuck the figurines to with velcro as we opened them.  The other involved opening little ornaments and putting them on a tiny tree.  Both were fun and made for great memories.

During a recent visit with my sister she mentioned that she would really like to have an advent calendar to start the tradition with her daughter.  My creative wheels immediately started spinning.  After lots of hunting, I settled on this unfinished wooden tree with drawers…

Unfinished Advent Calendar

I first started by painting each of the knobs with silver paint.

Painted Knobs

Then came the daunting (and exciting) task of coming up with a unique design for each drawer. Enter – once again – my fabulous brainstorming drawing skills.

Advent Calendar Design

Now to make it a reality.  I first painted the background of each drawer based on what I had designed for it.

Painted Drawers

I used a combination of paint, stamps with embossing powder, and an embossing marker to draw designs that I then embossed on each drawer.  Here is the finished product.

Advent Calendar

It took many hours and days, but was a lot of fun to put together.  The only thing that kills me is that there is a mistake on one of the drawers (I will let you figure out what it is), which I realized after it was too late to fix.  This is good practice for keeping the perfectionist in me at bay.  Now it is just a matter of deciding how to fill the drawers, and creating new traditions with new members of the family.

Advent Detail 1

Advent Detail 2

Happy Countdown to Xmas

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