The Hunger Games

I am a big fan of children’s books as well as young adult books (which might be why I have 3 bookcases full of them without having any children or young adults residing with me). Anyway, my latest foray into this realm of reading was The Hunger Games trilogy.

The Hunger Games

**WARNING** Once you start reading you will cease to accomplish anything else in your life until you finish all three books!

These books are packed with action and suspense. The book starts in a future society set in North America.  In this new society each year the names of 2 children are drawn from each district to take part in the Hunger Games – a televised game in which the children must battle each other to be the last survivor. When Katniss Everdeen realizes that her younger sister’s name has been drawn for the games, she volunteers to take her place. The reader then enters the bizarre world in which the players are pampered and prepped for the games. The stadium constructed for the games is large and elaborate, consisting of miles of wilderness, strategically placed water sources, video cameras to film everything, and contrived “natural” disasters to keep things interesting.

If you are looking for a quick and entertaining book, I highly recommend this trilogy!

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Sookie Stackhouse and Bella Swan

blood dripI tried to fight it.  I told myself I was too old for it.  I told myself that I had too much pride as a woman to get pulled in to the universe of Bella Swan whose entire identity seemed to be about a vampire and not about herself.  Then my sister-in-law bought the Twilight series for me for Christmas, so I had to read them.  I was hooked.  My rational side decided the writing wasn’t very good, but my irrational side said, “this is fun and entertaining and I can’t stop reading until I finish all of the books!”  Clearly I was being too hard on Bella. It wasn’t weakness, it was love (right?).

Then during one of my moments of justifying the cost of subscribing to HBO by getting hooked on yet another one of their series, I started watching True Blood.  It was the adult version of Twilight. Even better! Bella Swan was replaced with Sookie Stackhouse who was much more independent and also has the ability to read people’s minds (an interesting twist). I couldn’t stop watching.  Then I realized the show was based on a series of books.  Once again with the aid of my sister-in-law, I started obtaining copies of the books.

The change from vampires being threatening, dangerous, and lethal to complex beings able to co-exist with and love humans is an interesting shift.  I’m not sure if this is a completely new idea, but I really like the idea.  First, I am always for everyone getting along, and second, it makes for some really interesting and passionate love stories.

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Pop Culture Classics

Recently I was discussing The Princess Bride with one of my coworkers from Germany and realized she had never seen this movie!  Thus began the quest to educate her in must-see American pop culture classics.  She needed to know about “as you wish”, “wax on, wax off”, and Red Ryder BB Guns!  Another one of my coworkers and I immediately began compiling a list.  Here is what we have so far:

1. The Princess Bride (we watched that one with her that night, so we can cross it off the list)

2. The Karate Kid (watched during the pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving event)

3. The Goonies

4. Sixteen Candles

5. Dirty Dancing

6. The Breakfast Club

7. Pretty Woman

8. Big

9. Sound of Music

10. Back to the Future

11. Beverly Hills Cop

12. Indiana Jones

Holiday List:

1. A Christmas Story

2. It’s a Wonderful Life

3. Miracle on 34th Street

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