A Quilt for my Niece

First I have to start by saying my niece is beautiful, perfect and amazing!

My Niece

I knew when my sister got pregnant that a domestic diva quilt was in my niece’s future.  I also knew I wanted to have birds on the quilt, but did not want to do a lot any applique.  That required finding a very geometric bird pattern.  After browsing google images for a while, I came across the perfect pattern thanks to sewgirlyalterations.com…


It is the perfect geometric bird design.

Step 2 was picking out all the different fabrics for the birds.  I had my sister help with this (since it was already a given that I would be making a quilt, the surprise would be the actual design of the quilt).  I thought it would be nice to have her involved in the process.  So off to the fabric store we went, and the education of my sister began.  She had never attempted to pick out fabrics for a quilt before (she is the musical one and I am the artsy one).  It was fun filling the cart to the brim with fabrics and then spreading them out across a table to decide what went well together.  In the end, this is what we ended up with…

Bird Quilt Fabric

Step 3 was figuring out how to replicate the pattern, which took some trial and error due to seam allowances and angles, but I finally got something close to the image above.

Bird Pattern

Step 4 - Repeat Step 3 nine times (while reversing the pattern one time for the “kissing birds”)!

Birds in Progress

Step 5 - Finish piecing the birds and tree and grass and add some fun detail stitching…

Fun Details

About halfway through stitching the grass detail, I realized the commitment I had made to stitching back and forth about a million times.  Too late to turn back – and the payoff was worth it, but I thought I might collapse a few times during the process.

After many hours, days, and weeks of sewing, the quilt was finally finished.

Bird Quilt

Just in time for my sister’s baby shower…

Sister and Me with Quilt

…and given my niece’s liking for bird/owl couture, I think she will grow to like this quilt…

Niece in Owl Hat

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