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We Closed

After 4 months and 9 closing dates, we finally closed.  2 days before Christmas and one week before we had to be out of our apartment.  Now we have to shovel snow, finish packing, clean, and actually move.  Whew!

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An Element of Design

Time has become a major factor in my life with school and work deadlines, our lease running out at the end of the month, and trying to get a real closing date on our house.  I remember growing up and hearing people say they wished there were more hours in the day, but I never understood.  Days were so long, and a year was forever!  Now, as I find myself more and more behind in everything, I understand why my mom received a clock with 13 hours on it one year for Christmas.  Lately, I have also been looking for a clock to hang in our new house.  There are so many creative designs available.  Here are some of the more interesting ones I’ve found:


1. Crate and Barrel Raised Number Wall Clock 2. The Conran Shop 50S Electric Clock 3. The Conran Shop Cone Base Clock

4. Retro Flipdown Clock 5. Whatever Clock 6. George Nelson Wooden Ball Wall Clock

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The World was Covered in a Blanket of Beauty

The anticipation was great!  It was supposed to be one of the biggest winter storms to hit D.C. Reports went from expecting 8 inches to 15 inches to 20 inches!  I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and decided to take a quick peak outside to see if the snow had started.  The world outside was covered in white.  It looked like about 4 inches had fallen.  I went back to bed and woke up again at 9:00, and the snow had doubled!  The plants on my balcony were slowly disappearing including my Japanese Maple.  At dusk, my husband I ventured outside.  The street lights were beginning to turn on and the world was blanketed in the wonderful silence that comes with snow.  Everything was glistening and then the kid in me wanted to play!  The snow was up to my knees (not including the piles from the plows)!  I haven’t seen snow like this since growing up in Syracuse.  We got 23 inches when it was all done!

Japanese Maple in Snow

My poor little maple was almost completely buried.

Me in Snow

Play time!

midnight snow

Midnight Snowfall

snow cars


Icicles in SunIcicles in the sun
icicles blue sky

More Icicles
pine tree

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Another One Turns 30!

Today was my husband’s birthday.  It was also the day of one of the biggest storms in Washington, D.C.’s history.  We had a party planned, but due to the weather outside being frightful, it ended up being the 2 of us staying warm and cozy with a large cake.


cake top

candles and cake

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I Heart

Hajime Namiki Woodblock Prints




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This could be it…

My goals for closing on the house have always surrounded holidays.  First I thought about how great Halloween would be in our new house.  Next, I thought, “Okay, so Halloween didn’t work out, but we will definitely be in our house by Thanksgiving.”  Now, I am thinking about Christmas.  It’s gotta happen by Christmas, right?

The past week has been another roller coaster (and I don’t even like riding real roller coasters).  On Friday we found out that the judge had finally signed the title over to the bank and we should be set for closing soon.  Woohoo!  Victory!


On Monday we found out the bank went under and was bought out by another bank.  Commence more confusion and unanswered questions.

Fast forward to Wednesday night.  A call comes in from our realtor.  Good news!  We can close – maybe as early as Friday.  ”For real!?  No seriously.  For real?”

Today we were frantically working to try to get to close tomorrow.  Unfortunately, our title company is still missing one piece of paperwork, but as soon as that arrives we are set.  We might be closing Monday depending on that one piece of paper that will hopefully find its way to our title company tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be more good news to report soon.

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0 Days to 30

0 Days to 30

It ’s finally here!  My 3oth birthday.  A great new decade of life.  I have big plans for this decade.  Finishing my master’s degree (hopefully in May), buying a house (since it didn’t happen before 30), babies (sometime during this decade)…  It’s going to be a wonderful new journey in my life.

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