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Who doesn’t love plants?!

Everyone who knows me knows that I love plants.  I love buying them, taking care of them, watching them, talking about them – you get the idea.  Everyone who knows me also knows that my obsession occasionally becomes their burden.  Like Angeliki who had the daunting task of watering all of my plants for a month while I was in Japan, and my coworkers who had to watch and listen when I took a plant that was pronounced dead and placed it in plant E.R. to bring it back from the dead (and thanks to another coworker who rivals my obsession for caring for plants and cared for this plant until it bloomed again about a week ago).  No one carries the burden more than my husband who had to move all of my plants to our new home (see Marathon Move) and who knows that it is not optional when I ask him to come look at the latest growth or blossom on one of my plants.  I have no idea why this is so exciting for me, but it is.  I love plants!


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I Heart

toto toilet seat

Toto’s Heated Toilet Seat

When I was in Japan I discovered the joy of heated toilet seats.  I was there in December and January and it was so amazing to come in out of the cold to use the restroom and sit down on a warm toilet seat!  Its one of those luxuries you don’t think about or know about until you have it and then it goes away.  Since we bought our house (and have been keeping the temperature low during one of the coldest winters DC has had in a long time) I have found myself missing these toilets more than ever.  How nice would it be to have a warm toilet when I get up in the morning!  The good news – they are available in the US.  The bad news – they cost about $500! For a toilet seat!  Still, I find myself wondering if it would be worth it.  :-)  If you are curious, check out my amazon store and the toto website, and don’t miss the videos: washlet 101 and why it’s better.

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A Moment for Appreciation

I have to take a moment to appreciate the family I have been welcomed into through my marriage.  I am lucky to have the best mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law in the world.  Throughout our home buying and moving adventures they have all been so supportive.  They helped us pack, move, carry heavy objects, paint, clean – you name it, they did it.  One of the best things they did for us was providing food during this week of moving.  They brought lunch to us at the house and made dinner for us every night.  We never had to worry about stopping to think about food or where to get food, it just appeared the moment we got hungry.  Everything we have accomplished in the last week would not have been possible without them, and for that we are very grateful!

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OK, so we closed.  Yay!  Here’s what happened next…

December 24th

3:30 AM I wake up suddenly thinking about everything we have to do in the next week.

4:30 AM Ahhh!  So much to do.  Still awake.  Time to get up.  Started packing.

9:30 AM OK, I’m exhausted.  Time to go back to bed.

11:00 AM Got up.  Went to Budget to get a truck.  Went to house and came up with Plan A.

Simultaneously clean the house, paint, pack apartment, move, and clean apartment.

I immediately started cleaning the floors so we would have somewhere to put our boxes and furniture while my husband started shoveling the 2 feet of snow that covered our driveway and walkway (remember all those pretty snow pictures – not so pretty anymore).

Plan A is starting to get overwhelming.  Enter Plan B…

Clean just enough floor space for boxes and furniture and focus on making the master bedroom and bathroom our “Master Oasis” from which to live while working on the rest of the house.

7:00 PM Start loading the truck.  This is especially fun because the snow makes it impossible to park the truck anywhere near our apartment building.  Our routine became go down 3 flights of stairs carrying boxes from our apartment or up 1 flight of stairs from the storage room, walk all the way down the sidewalk and all the way across the parking lot to the truck.  Now go back and repeat about 500 times.  We must have walked several miles carrying boxes that night.

December 25th

Merry Christmas!

4:00 AM I wake up suddenly yet again thinking about everything.

5:15 AM Still awake so I get up and start packing some more.

10:00 AM Drive truck to the house and unload.

12:00 PM Clean and begin work on the Master Oasis

Step 1: Clean everything

Step 2: Paint Ceiling (I never want to do that again!)

Step 3: Collapse

8:00 PM Take a break to realize that it is Christmas and go out for Chinese food.

December 26th

This is the day we were supposed to go to New York to be with family but we realized there was no way we could do that and get everything done.  Next Christmas should be much more enjoyable and family oriented.

4:00 AM I wake up and begin worrying that I am developing a sleep disorder.

You know the rest of the drill.  Pack, clean, paint, move…

Today the Master Oasis got primed from pink to white using Killz Primer which we heard from everyone is the best in the business.  It is already looking much better!

Full Master Oasis details coming soon.

December 27th

Pack, paint, move, clean

Today we introduced ourselves to our neighbors on either side of our house.  On the right we have a very friendly woman who is originally from Jamaica.  On the left we have a husband and wife and 3 dogs – all of whom are very friendly.  We spent about an hour learning about the neighborhood and our house from this woman because she actually rented the downstairs apartment in our house for 5 years.  We found out exactly how the hole in the front of our house came to be.  Apparently an elderly woman was visiting someone at the house.  When she pulled into the driveway, her seat suddenly reclined back all the way and instead of hitting the breaks, she hit the gas. Voila – hole in house. Our neighborhood was built in the 1960’s and most of the houses are based on one of four different designs.  We happen to have the same design as our neighbors on the left, so it was really interesting to get a tour of their house (which has been remodeled).  Their kitchen was amazing!  Everything I want to do with my kitchen had already been done to their kitchen.  It was great to see the possible potential lying beneath our turquoise countertops.

December 28th

Pack, move, clean, paint

December 29th

Pack, clean, paint, move

Our bed gets moved and set up in the living room since the Master Oasis is not yet complete, and we spend our first night in our new house.

December 30th

Major Moving Day!

We woke up on our first day in the new house to a beautiful sunrise and took a few minutes to appreciate that.  Then we realized we have to be out of the apartment by tomorrow morning and I am pretty sure our stuff keeps secretly multiplying when we aren’t looking.  On top of that, my husband has to work tonight until 1:30 in the morning!  We are beginning to wonder at this point how we are going to get everything done in time.  Then we get the news that there is supposed to be freezing rain and snow overnight – cherry on top.   We pack, clean, paint, and move all day until my husband goes to work.

8:00 PM I go back the apartment and my sister-in-law meets me there to help with final packing and cleaning.  We pack and clean until about 12:30 and then I am too tired to keep going.  She goes home and I fall asleep on the living room floor without even realizing it until my husband calls to tell me he is almost home.  I look in the mirror to find carpet patterns all over my face.

December 31st

1:30 AM My husband arrives and drives me to the house and I go to bed while he goes back to the apartment to keep working.

3:00 AM I hear him unloading stuff into the house.  It turns out that was the plant trip.  Yes, I have a slight obsession with plants, and yes, I have enough of them to require an entire trip with the moving truck alone.

6:00 AM I wake up (I am finally sleep deprived enough to sleep past 4:00 in the morning) and as promised, there is snow on the ground.  I call my husband who is still packing at the apartment and tell him I am on my way to help.  Then I realize he has all of our keys, so I can’t drive my car (which I didn’t want to anyways because the battery light keeps coming on).  Enter amazing brother-in-law who has been helping us move ever day and thought he was finally getting a break.  He picks me up and we drive to the apartment where he helps load the final items.  We are still loading the last few items when the new tenants arrive.

6:00 PM We finally finishing unloading and we have officially vacated the apartment and moved into our first home!

…and no we didn’t make it until midnight for the new year, but we slept really well in our new house.

January 1st

Happy New Year!  After very little sleep, lots of hard work, and many pep talks (yes they were out loud even when I was alone) we are finally all moved into our house (not unpacked, not cleaned, but moved).

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