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I love these oranges!  They have incredible flavor, they are seedless, and they are very easy to peel.  They are very similar to clementines, but with a different flavor.  ”Cuties” is the perfect name for them because they are small and cute.  Here is one of the smaller ones I have seen.

Cutie Mandarin

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What are the odds of back-to-back blizzards in Washington, DC?

I think we are being put to the test to see if we can handle being new homeowners.  We picked the snowiest (70 inches so far!) winter in DC to give the whole home owning thing a try. Snowmageddon  and Snoverkill (the names of the two back-to-back blizzards) brought with them some true tests including 30 inches of snow with Snowmageddon and another 15 inches with Snoverkill, 80 hours without power (brrrr!), and one small casualty.  Sadly our fish (officially named Killer but more fondly called Fishy Fish) died of hypothermia during the power outage.  We were constantly refilling his tank with warm water, but it was too much for him in the end.  We also learned the joys of shoveling endless quantities of snow.

Shoveling Snow

Of course there is a lot of beauty with these storms as well.

Snow on Branches

Snow on Deck

Snowy Street

Crape Myrtle in Snow

Backyard in Snow

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I Heart

Scrubbing Bubbles

I can’t believe I didn’t discover scrubbing bubbles sooner.  I always thought their ads were too good to be true.  How can you not have to scrub when you are cleaning a bathroom?  Then  a coupon came into my life and I decided to try it. Wow!  I seriously just spray this on, wait a minute, and wipe it off.  It is amazing how clean and shiny my bathroom is after I use this.  Things that looked dull for years are shiny!  I will never go back to using anything else when it comes to soap scum and other bathroom buildup!


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