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I’m not the only one who enjoys eating from the garden…

I went up to my garden to pick my very first tomato the other day.  It was a tiny grape size heirloom tomato, but I wanted to do something special with the first pick of the season.

Before they were eaten

I was so proud of my tiny little veggie successes!  And the one ripe tomato I picked made a great crostini with goat cheese and basil.

Tomato Crostini

The next day I returned to the garden to pick some more tomatoes only to find that the tops of all of my plants had been eaten.  Further investigation revealed hoof marks in the dirt and to add insult to injury, deer droppings.  The next morning, the suspects were caught red-handed!



I was mad at first, but then I looked at the little babies and who can stay mad at this face for long?

Suspect #2

After looking into solutions and dealing with 100+ temperatures this summer, I have decided that the revamping and completion of Zone 7 will have to wait until next year.  I have learned a lot from my yard this summer and plan to use my newfound knowledge in the future to better ensure gardening success. Tackling some of the other zones in my yard and my lessons learned posts will be coming soon!

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