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The grocery store of my dreams opens!

Wegmans Grand Opening

Growing up in Syracuse, New York my family shopped at Wegmans.  I did
not understand at the time that I was spoiled by this and that this
would result in years of suffering.  In 1992 my family left Syracuse
and Wegmans for Tennessee.  Where was the gourmet food, the amazing
bread, the prepared food section?  18 years, 3 months, and 3 states
later I can finally return home to Wegmans.  Yesterday marked the
Grand Opening of Wegmans only 15 minutes from my house, and even
though I had just driven 5 hours back home from New York, there was no
way I was missing this.  My husband and I got off the beltway and
immediately saw cars backing up and police directing traffic.  Could
all this be for the grand opening?  Yes.  Traffic was rerouted to
avoid major jams.  As we navigated the traffic circles and craned our
necks around every bend, the beautiful signature steeple of Wegmans
came into sight followed by the glow of the neon Wegmans sign.  We
parked our car (in overflow parking) and got in line (yes there was a
line) to enter the store.  It was beautiful.  The produce was all laid
out perfectly under the golden lighting (which is saying something
since this was 6PM and the store had been ravaged by customers all

The best part of the experience came when I realized that I was able
to get everything on my shopping list.  I love to cook and bake and my
shopping lists often reflect that.  Every time I go to the grocery
store there are several crucial items I am not able to get.  This is
extremely frustrating and makes grocery shopping very unpleasant.

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