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Oh the Memories

Our Home on Day 1

We closed one year ago today on our house.  Thinking back over the past year several things come to mind.  The first memory that pops into my mind is the day after we finally closed on our house (Christmas Eve).  Because we ended up closing so late on the 23rd of December and many feet of snow prevented easy access to the house, we waited until the next day to enter the house as new home owners. I remember walking (or traipsing through snow) up to the front door, key in hand, turning the key in the lock and stepping into our home.  After everything we had been through to get this house, I felt like we were sneaking into the house.  It didn’t seem real that we should be allowed to just walk into this house without the supervision of our realtor.  The next thing I remember is walking around the house in disbelief.  Could this be real?  Did we really (finally) just buy this house?!

As reality began to sink in, so did the dirtiness of the house.  Then began what I like to refer to now as “The Great Cleaning”.  Armed with 2 boxes of latex gloves and an array of cleaning and painting supplies, we attacked the house.  Many people came to help us in the cleaning, painting, and fixing process, and we couldn’t have done it without them.

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1st Year Accomplishments

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Feedin' the Squirrels

Here is a picture of our first meal in the house:

First Meal in New House

Meals have improved since then!  We have been able to open up our home and share good food and conversation with friends and family – a domestic diva’s dream.

A Good Thanksgiving Plate!

A Good Thanksgiving Plate!

All in all it has been a great first year!  We have gone from living in a house to a home.  No major surprises occurred in the first year, and things are steadily improving.  The coming year promises to be just as busy with home improvement projects as we strive to improve the basics of our home before really tackling the fun stuff – decorating!!!  Right now our furniture and decor shift as we work on different projects, but soon we hope to start establishing more permanent arrangements and pictures on the walls as we complete rooms.  Stay tuned for many exciting domestic adventures to come.

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