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Our Baby has Arrived!

Birth Announcement

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Look out Martha!

My sister threw me the most amazing baby shower!  She always claims that she is not good at putting these things together, but she far surpassed anything I have ever seen.  Take a look…

The idea of hanging gifts on the clothes line was so cute.

Clothes Line

Check out the mint chocolate owls she spent hours making…

Chocolate Owls

And this amazing “Welcome Baby” sign.  She wanted to use the baby’s name, but we aren’t revealing that until the baby arrives.

Welcome Baby

We had amazing food catered by Pain Quotidien



…and of course a photo booth since that is my husband’s business…

Photo Booth

My sister put out a scrap book for everyone to put the photos from the booth in with messages.  She also put out paper and an owl bank for people to write down wishes for the baby and insert them into the bank.  Another great idea she had was to have people bring a book for the baby instead of a card (which is how I got so many books for my front facing bookcase).

We played one game at the shower, which was great.  My sister found an old book about pregnancy and we had to fill in the blank for excerpts from the book.  Here are a few samples:

  • During the first half of pregnancy, an ____  _____, without stays, may contribute to your comfort, especially if you have been accustomed to wearing on.  Answer: elastic girdle
  • The most important consideration in regard to the expectant mother’s wardrobe is that it should be ____.  Answer: attractive
  • What should the expectant mother pack in her hospital bag? Cologne, cosmetics, manicure set, your favorite talcom powder

As you can see, the answers were pretty interesting and everyone enjoyed the game.

Overall, the shower was amazing and lots of fun!

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