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Life will never be the same.

Baby Collage 1st month

Baby E is now 8 months old!  The time has flown by, but it also seems like a long time ago that we were taking the pictures above.  It has been an amazing journey so far.  I never knew how sleep deprived I could be (or how delusional my husband could be in the middle of the night), and I never knew how happy one smile could make me feel.  Each day is a new adventure as E becomes more and more her own unique person.  She has opinions now and is better at communicating her likes and dislikes with squeals, screams, and laughter.

The hardest lesson for me in this transition (other than coping with sleep loss) is the loss of my personal time.  I like to accomplish many things each day and love working on my projects, but now I have to remind myself that I shouldn’t feel bad when I don’t get things done because E is a big accomplishment and spending all of my time with her is the best project.  Even with this blog I have to tell myself that it is okay that I haven’t posted anything for long periods of time because my time is spent with this amazing new person in my life and nothing is more important than that.  I never imagined that 8 months would go by without posting, but taking more time to live life and less time to write about it has been the priority since E was born.  Honestly, I have been writing this post for about 5 months and have changed the first sentence from 3 months to 5 months and now 8 months.  At this point, I am finally regaining some personal time as E becomes more independent and has started taking naps (sleep is definitely not her strong suit).

I am so excited to be days away from baby’s first Christmas even though I know this Christmas is more for me than for her.  It has been wonderful bringing the tree into our house and lighting it up for the first time and seeing her reaction.

Hopefully I will be able to start posting more frequently soon.  For now I wish everyone a very happy holiday with friends and family.

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