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Emily is 11 months old today, which means I am in full birthday planning mode (not to mention freakout mode because how could my baby already be on the verge of one year???).  Of course I will have all of the details for the party after it happens, but here is a sneak peak…

Peter Rabbit

Birthday Wreath

Flower Ball

I still have a lot of details to figure out, and I have to keep my perfectionist side in check because your baby only turns one once and it would be easy to get stressed out while trying to make it perfect.

Happy last month of your first year Emily!

Emily 11 months

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I made it to the finish line!

Whole Living Challenge

I made it to the end of week three, and I have to say that the transformation in my eating has been really good.  I feel like I am back on track with healthy eating and limited sugar intake.  I have lost a few pounds too.  I am definitely planning to keep a few of these recipes in my regular repertoire. Here is my review of the food for Week Three:

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Love, Love, Love!

I am obsessed with my runaround bag.  I got hooked on the blog Noodlehead because I asked one of my friends who also sews/quilts what sewing blogs she likes and this one was at the top of the list.  When I saw her pattern for the Runaround Bag, I immediately wanted to make it.  It took a while to choose the fabric I wanted to use, but I finally settled on this one (Amy Butler Midwest Modern Martini) for the exterior with a gray interior.

Midwest Modern Martini

I love gray and yellow together.  So I picked my fabric and got to work on it during my last few weeks of maternity leave.  I have been using it for almost 8 months now and I love it!  It is the perfect size for all my junk belongings.  This was my second attempt at a bag and first attempt at a zipper pocket, so I am pretty proud of myself.

Zipper Pocket

Check out that zipper action!

Runaround Bag

I like the bag so much I decided to make one for my sister for her birthday.  When I got to her house she saw my bag and commented on how much she liked it (isn’t that the best when you get a gift for someone and they randomly mention how much they like that thing or want it and you are secretly jumping up and down on the inside).  Here is the bag I made for her:

Runaround Bag Sister

Even Elmo (aka my niece) likes it!

Elmo with Runaround Bag

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