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Aquarium…here we come!


I was so excited to take the day off from work on Emily’s actual first birthday so we could be together doing special things the whole day.  When I was thinking about what would be fun for Emily, the Baltimore Aquarium came to mind.  She is finally old enough to appreciate looking at all the fish, and it sounded like a fun adventure for her birthday.

Emily excels at the whole stranger anxiety thing that babies have going on.  She started early at 3 months, and at almost 14  months, the “stranger danger” is still going strong. People are welcomed into our home with blood curdling screams of terror (so nice).  This always makes me a little bit nervous when we go out, but when we got to the aquarium, Emily did great.  In fact, I think she enjoyed the people watching more than the fish watching.  The funniest thing she did happened in the darkest areas of the aquarium.  In the Baltimore Aquarium, you start at the top of the building and wander down ramps that go past huge tanks with sharks, and fish, and other ocean creatures.  It is fun because you can look all the way down form the top to the bottom of the building.  Anyways, this area is pretty dark to really highlight the tanks.  I guess the dark helped our shy little girl come out of her shell, because every time we would enter a dark area, she would suddenly start talking in the loudest voice we had ever heard come out of her.  It was hilarious.  I know we were getting looks from people wondering who this kid was that thought the dark, quiet areas of the aquarium were the best place to really start babbling at the top of her lungs, but it was great to see Emily just having a good time and come out of her shell.


Her favorite part of the aquarium (other than the dark) was the jellyfish. She loved watching them float up and down under the black lights. Mesmerizing.  If only I had a tank above her crib, maybe she would be content to just stare at the jellyfish when she wakes up in the middle of the night.

Jellyfish 1

Jellyfish 2

Looks like she had a fun and busy day…

End of Day

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