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We didn’t have a huge budget for furnishing our guest room, so it was off to Ikea.  We got really lucky with sales and scored a queen sized Malm bed for $100 (instead of $200).

Malm Bed

The existing closet in the guest room took up about a third of the entire room, and the doors were made from 2 sheets of very heavy plywood hung on a track.  It was almost impossible to slide the doors open and shut and the room was already very small, so the closet had to go.  But our guests would still need somewhere to hang their clothes.  Thus our second trip to a great Ikea sale.  This time we were able to get a wardrobe for $50 instead of $100.

Ikea Wardrobe

We didn’t like the original gray, plastic handles that came with the wardrobe, so we went to the hardware section of Ikea and picked out new brushed silver, metal handles to upgrade the overall look of the piece.

Ikea Wardrobe Pieces

Wardrobe Handles

We wanted to get to bedside tables, but found most options to be really expensive.  We wanted something unique and didn’t want the whole room to look like an Ikea show room.  That was when we returned to one of our favorite websites for unique, old pieces of furniture – Loft3f. He is based in Lynchburg, Virginia and occasionally makes deliveries up to DC.  We were in luck!  He had 2 chairs that would make great bedside tables:

Bedside Table Chairs

So now the guest room is furnished…

Guest Bed and Tables

Next comes the decorating!

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Johanna February 15, 2011

can’t wait to come and see you in your newly decorated room!