A Gingerbread House Competition – Who Could Resist?

Brick House

When I got an email at work about a gingerbread house competition, the wheels in my domestic diva brain immediately started turning.  The benefits: 1) I get to build a gingerbread house (who wouldn’t want to do this – turns out a lot of people, but I will get to that later); 2) A little friendly competition to up the ante – what could be more fun; 3) It will be on display for all of the children in the hospital where I work – definitely the best part.

The Theme: The 3 Little Pigs

Here is my beautiful original sketch for the gingerbread house plan:

Original Gingerbread House Plan

The drawing skills are incredible – I know.  What can I say?  My brain thinks in rough sketches, and usually they end up on paper.  So anyways, this was the original plan, but of course things change as you encounter reality, or in this case – gravity.  Check out item number 3 above in the drawing.  When your pig ends up being 5 times larger than your table, and your chair won’t actually stand up because you accidentally (despite your best effort) made the legs different lengths, you learn to let go and move on.  So instead, we ended up with what we like to call “alien pig” inside the stick house…

Alien Pig

As part of the competition, everyone has to pick up a gingerbread house kit and use all the pieces from it.  We also learned that one of the rules was that everything that could be seen has to be edible, so we could use glue, and styrofoam, and whatever else we wanted to construct our scene as long as they were all covered with edible things.  While shopping, we decided to go with fast drying industrial strength glue to hold everything together.  We later learned that this glue was not so fast drying and the fumes probably killed about a hundred brain cells per second.  Halfway through the night we had all the windows open (even though it was about 40 degrees outside) for ventilation.  One of my coworkers also discovered the magic of glue guns for the first time, and was totally enamored with it for the rest of the night.

Okay, backing up…Team Gingerbread got together after work, started sorting the million pounds of candy we had purchased, ate some pizza, drank some wine, and began the journey into the world of gingerbread construction.

Our best moments: building the snowmen/lady, the shingles on the brick house, using pretzels to make the stick house.

Check out those shingles!


Our most challenging moments: constructing the pigs and the wolf.  One of our pigs was accidentally decapitated multiple times, lost an arm and a leg, and was definitely not going to stand up on his own.  Alien Pig has no legs so that he would A) stand up and B) fit inside the stick house.  The wolfs legs started out long and ended up being reversed so they just look like feet coming out and so he could stand on his own (with a little help from a candy cane).  Gluing sugar to wood also presents some challenges.  Full protective gear was used in this process.  The wood was taken outside, placed on newspapers, and sprayed with glue (while wearing a face mask).  It was then sprinkled with sugar, sprayed with more glue, sprinkled with more sugar, sprayed with more glue…you get the idea.

He is intact and somewhat upright now, so we are pretty darn happy!

Piggy with Problems

Four hours later, we were exhausted, brainfried from glue, but pleasantly surprised by the final product…

The Three Little Pigs Gingerbread Style

The Three Little Pigs Gingerbread Style

Go Team Gingerbread!  Results will be in on December 19th!

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