Make it Special with a Cake Stand

Layer cakes are one of my favorite things to bake because they taste so good and look so nice.  A cake stand can make all the difference in the presentation of a cake.

Cake Stands

One of my aspirations in life was to make a wedding cake.  When my father decided to get married, the perfect opportunity presented itself!  I called my dad and asked, “Would you be willing to let me make your wedding cake?”  and he said yes!

The research began.  The cake needed to taste really good and look amazing!  I needed a recipe, a cake stand, a mixer, cake decorating tools… whoa what had I gotten myself into? I found everything I needed and planned the process out carefully.  To add to the pressure of making a cake for a wedding, I found out that one of the women at my dad’s church was very skeptical and concerned that my dad would let me take on such an important part of the wedding.  Yikes!

I arrived in Nashville three days before the wedding and armed with 20 lemons, 3 dozen eggs, 5 pounds of flour, 2 pounds of sugar, 10 pounds of butter… I began the process.

The day of the wedding arrived and all of the pieces of the cake were done.  Now all I had to do was take the pieces to the church and assemble them.

It is important to stop here and fill in a few details.

1.  It is August in Nashville, Tennessee and therefore a million degrees with 500% humidity.

2.  To save costs, the church doesn’t keep the air conditioning on when no one is there.

3.  Only one person in the church has access to turn the air conditioning on.

I arrived with my dad and my sister at the church to find that it was boiling hot.  With no time to spare and the pressure of having an amazing cake put together in an hour, I began the process while my dad frantically called the person who has access to the air conditioning.  I placed the first layer (out of 9) on the first tier of the cake stand and began spreading the buttercream frosting.  The frosting immediately began melting and sliding down the sides of the cake.  New strategy.  Frost a layer and run to the fridge.  Let it cool for 5 minutes, quickly frost the next layer and run to the fridge. I was never so happy to hear the sound of air conditioning turn on in my life.  I finally finished the rest of the cake, placed the flowers on top, and put it in the reception area.  Whew!

Much to my relief (and much to the surprise of the woman who doubted my abilities) the cake was a big hit.

I can now say that I have made a wedding cake, and I will never make another one again!  :-)

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