Fall without apple picking isn’t fall at all.

Apple Basket

Central New York

Growing up in Central New York, apple picking was a much anticipated activity every fall.    Memories of cool crisp mornings, dew on the grass, and the smell of apples in the air.  We would start out the day by journeying to the local orchard.  When we arrived, we would climb the old apple trees to get to the apples and pick loads and loads of them.  We would sip hot apple cider and eat doughnuts.  It was a little piece of heaven.

When we got home the house would fill with the smell of fresh apples, which would soon be replaced with the smell of apple crisp and apple pie baking in the oven , and applesauce simmering on the stove.  The peeling and chopping began and the cinnamon and nutmeg came out of the spice rack.  We cooked all day every apple dish imaginable.

When we moved to Tennessee, fall apple picking came to an end.  Every fall I would long for cool crisp mornings and hot apple cider and climbing apple trees.

Apple Tree


When I moved to Indiana to go to college it took me three more years of fall apple nostalgia before I realized that an apple orchard existed just outside the town.  I was going to bring back the tradition!  I got some friends together and my sister came over from her college in Ohio and off we went.  We arrived to a familiar scene of bales of hay, a corn maze, hot apple cider, pumpkins, and rows and rows of apple trees.  Everything that epitomizes fall in my mind was here.  Happiness set in.  The only difference was the size of the trees.  These weren’t the old trees that I would climb when I was little.  They were a newer variety that stays much shorter (makes picking much easier).

We all went to work picking and soon had more apples than we knew what to do with.  We ventured back home and began the peeling, chopping, baking, and boiling.  It was so wonderful to finally reclaim this tradition that was so important to me.

The next year I had graduated from college and began teaching 3-5 year olds in Indiana.  Fall came and I decided to attempt my first field trip with my class to the orchard.  We had so much fun!  Climbing the bales of hay, picking apples, and picking out two pumpkins to carve for Halloween.



When I moved from Indiana to Maryland I set out to find every orchard in the area.  There are some great orchards around this area, but I felt that while the varieties of apples were amazing, the price and actual apples still could not compare to New York.  I continued my tradition in Maryland for three more years and then something wonderful happened…


Full Circle

My dad moved back to Central New York!  For the past two years, my husband and I have journeyed up to see my dad and his wife and pick the most wonderful apples.  I have finally regained my little piece of heaven.  This past weekend we made our second annual trip to pick apples and had a wonderful time.  Not only are the apples amazing, but the scenery is too.  Just take a look…

Farmer’s Stands


This part of New York is wine country.  There are more than 60 vineyards along the Finger Lakes and plenty of grapes to be purchased at roadside stands.

Brussel Sprouts


Early Morning Fog

Early Morning Fog Tree

Early Morning Fog

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills Small

Rolling Hills

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