Domestic Diva House

Our Home

Check back periodically for new pictures of our home as we continue to make improvements.

Dining Room1

Dining Room

After Bathroom

Hall Bathroom

Our Apartment

My husband and I had a wonderful apartment before we bought our house.  It had great space, but we eventually outgrew it.  The windows looked out on treetops which provided and amazing view every time of year, and the best birdwatching we will probably ever have.

Living Room

Living RoomHere is the living room in our apartment.

In this photo:

The couch came from Desi Furniture which is great place to get modern furniture.

The bookshelf came from Ikea.

The coffee table is a one-of-a-kind made by father when I was very little.

The rocking chair was a gift from my husband's aunt and uncle.

Dining Room

Dining RoomHere is the dining room in our apartment.

In this photo:

The table was purchased from a great little shop in Baltimore, Maryland.

The buffet is another version of the Ikea bookcase in our living room.

The paper lantern hanging over the table came from Pier 1 Imports.

The bamboo in the corner is planted in a vase from Crate and Barrel.


KitchenHere is our kitchen.  A lot of wonderful meals happened here!


BedroomHere is our bedroom.

In this photo:

The bed came from Crate and Barrel.

The dressers and bedstand were donations from our parents when we headed out on our own.

The quilt was a wedding gift from our friends.  We have a tradition of everyone picking fabric and and then one or two friends volunteer to pick a design and piece together the quilt.